Smallest and Simplest
random access Autosampler

Stream LC photo
Based on proprietary alpha/beta mechanic configuration this device offers inexpensive and reliable automation to any analytical and liquid handling instrument. Comprehensive control with direct access to all autosampler's components. High level commands for simple automation allows quick integration. Different configurations and tray designs are available as well as custom options.

Supported equipment:
Autosampler works with Stream LC and HPLC Cloud,
Autosampler's control protocol is available for everyone, so you can embed it anywhere.

Capacity40 vials, or 96 wells platePressure limit5000 psiNeedle washinside and outsideSyringe capacity200 μL, or 5000 μLVolume accuracy0.1 μLDimensions6×6.5×4 inchWeight3 lbPower24 VCommunicationUSB, or RS232

Integrate Autosampler

Autosampler is controlled via Serial or Virtual Serial protocol (via USB). To easily integrate it into your system use Public Autosampler API. To test the device or better understand how to use API try Autosampler Control Demo Application.

Use Autosampler with HPLC Cloud

  • Connect Stream-LC and Autosampler via USB
  • Connect Stream-LC and Detector with Analog Cable
  • Connect Stream-LC to the Internet
  • Turn on Pump, Detector, Stream-LC, and Autosampler
Chromatograph is ready to do experiments and to be controlled via HPLC Cloud.
Schematic usage of the Pump, Autosampler, Column, Detector, and Stream LC to easily run sequences with HPLC Cloud.

Autosampler positioning with API control