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Stream LC

Chromatography in the cloud.

Stream LC is a data acquisition device for chromatography, it streams chromatogram to the HPLC.Cloud. It is a bridge to connect your laboratory to the centralized data storage. You have an access to your equipment and experiments results from any device via browser.
Stream LC photo


Small. Flexible. Innovative.

Based on proprietary alpha/beta mechanic configuration this device offers inexpensive and reliable automation to any analytical and liquid handling instrument. Comprehensive control with direct access to all autosampler's components. High level commands for simple automation allows quick integration. Different configurations and tray designs are available as well as custom options.

Syringe Pump

Steady high-pressure pulsation-free flow.

For years solvent delivery pumps in HPLC was dominated by complex, expensive, and non-reliable reciprocating multi plunger devices. With proliferation of small-bore columns the needs for continuous unlimited flow is diminished. Now a small syringe based pump can provide sufficient amounts of mobile phase for almost any narrow and small bore application. Since syringe flow is inherently pulsation free, there is no need for bulky dampeners mixers and precision check valve arrangements. Refill time is reduced for a few seconds prior to each injection. Two pumps when connected provide high pressure mixing precision gradient flow with zero delay volume mixing at high pressure.