Steady high-pressure
pulsation-free flow

Stream LC photo
For years solvent delivery pumps in HPLC was dominated by complex, expensive, and none-reliable reciprocating multi plunger devices. With proliferation of small-bore columns the needs for continuous unlimited flow is diminished. Now a small syringe based pump can provide sufficient amounts of mobile phase for almost any narrow and small bore application. Since syringe flow is inherently pulsation free, there is no need for bulky dampeners mixers and precision check valve arrangements. Refill time is reduced for a few seconds prior to each injection. Two pumps when connected provide high pressure mixing precision gradient flow with zero delay volume mixing at high pressure.

Dimensions166 x 56 x 115 mmWeight1.3 kgPower24 V DC, 2.0 A max, power source: external low voltageLiquid capacity5600 µL per cycleMax pressure4000 psi (280 bar)Min flow rate1 µL/minMax flow rate8000 µL/minFlow rate resolution1 µLPressure sensor resolution1 psi

Integrate Pump

Pump is controlled via Serial or Virtual Serial protocol (via USB).

Use Pump with HPLC.Cloud

  • Connect Stream-LC and Pump via USB
  • Connect Stream-LC and other equipment
  • Connect Stream-LC to the Internet
  • Turn on Pump, Detector, Stream-LC, and Autosampler
Chromatograph is ready to do experiments and to be controlled via HPLC Cloud.
Schematic usage of the Pump, Autosampler, Column, Detector, and Stream LC to easily run sequences with HPLC Cloud.