Stream LC

Data Acquisition
for Chromatography

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Stream LC is a chromatography data acquisition device, it streams chromatogram to the HPLC Cloud. A bridge to connect your laboratory to the centralized data storage. You have an access to your equipment and experiments results from any device via browser.

Key functionality:
Realtime chromatogram streaming. Start and stop injections, control valve. Record sequences. Connect up to 4 detectors to one Stream LC device. Or 1 autosampler.

Supported equipment:
Agilent autosamplers supported. All detectors that have an analog output supported.

Sampling rate: 10 samples per second.
Resolution: -1 to 2V, that corresponds to -1000 to 2000mAU.
Noise level: less than 0.05mAU.
Sync time: cromatogram is synced with the HPLC cloud every second.
Valve activation time: configurable between 100 and 10000ms.


After connecting Stream LC to your equipment, chromatograms will be recorded, stored and available 24/7, from any browser and every place on Earth.


If you already have custom-built chromatography equipment, with a Stream LC device and web-service - you will be able to control valve, pump, auto-zero, and record chromatograms remotely.

Stream LC Pro Manual


Set of LC equipment tailored to your needs with Stream LC device and web-service will solve your analisis problem.


Stream LC data acquisition device+++
HPLC Cloud quote10k runs10k runs10k runs
24/7 recording mode+++
Remote control++
LC equipment+
Price$790.00$860.00From $8000.00
Stream LC photo
Stream LC photo